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Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

The capture of ‘spirit’ voices on an audio recording. Many times, no sound is heard while the tape is recording. It’s only upon playback that voices can be heard.


Classifications of EVPs


Class A

  • A distinct voice or sound that is clearly understood, universally accepted and undisputed.

  • It can be heard without headphones by anyone with normal hearing, and without being told or prompted to what is being said or heard.


Class B

  • This class of voice is more common and can be heard over speakers by most people.

  • It is usually distinct, however some may not be able to hear or understand what they are listening to until told what to listen for.

  • Everyone may not agree as to what is heard when listening to a class B and some individuals may need the use of headphones.


Class C

  • A voice or sound that has paranormal characteristics, requires the use of headphones, and although it is often indecipherable and unintelligible, may contain one or two words that are clearly understood.

  • Some investigators apply objectivity and disregard it, but may save it for reference purposes.

Echoes of The Past

We were investigating the kitchen and recorded a child like voice saying what appears to be "MAMA". The only child present was asleep in command central at the time on the opposite side of the home.



Electronic Noise

Weird Sound- an odd noise is heard during the questioning process.

VanPelt/ Chesnut- a child's block had been found on the grounds of the home. We used it as a trigger object. This is the conversation and notations of K2 meter.

I did- Home owner was aking questions about something hidden under floorboards on the second floor. Very faint.

123 Yr old Home- Alabama

{ 1 }

{ 2 }

Old South Pittsburg Hospital

{ 3 }

Do you like the family that lives here now?
Wood Floor Steps




There is- I don't care.

It's safe


I know

Help one another

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